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Burgeon Fund was founded to buy profitable companies across multiple niches

Their Story

It began with the Greatest Generation…or in some cases a generation earlier. As America began to grow in earnest, small businesses came to life in every corner of the nation.

Many of those businesses started with 1 man, 1 provider. Soldiers returning from World Wars One & Two needed to work and a rapidly expanding population needed providers- electricians, plumbers and many, many more.

The businesses grew, their owners raised families, their retirement largely attached to the value of their businesses.

They added employees, then managers, then more zeros to their bottom lines.

Profitable & Cash Flowing

They didn’t retire early, but they downshifted to “semi-absentee” or “absentee” owner status, ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They are profitable and they are cash-flowing.

And now, as the world begins the greatest wealth transfer in human history, there have been almost no buyers for these companies.

Burgeon Fund

Burgeon Fund was founded to buy profitable companies across multiple niches. We use a unique model to eliminate back office waste.

At the same time, we wake these companies out of their semi-retired slumber, growing top-line revenues and expanding into new product and service lines that their founders and competitors can’t imagine.

If Your Investment Capital Isn’t Working For You